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Weapons of Mass Destruction

While working in Charleville Mall Library I became aware of some very unusual objects in the office. Stored in a wooden box was an incendiary device and the screw cap from a land mine dating from the World War Two bombing of the local area. The artefacts were sometimes shown to groups visiting the library…

Mapping the North Strand Bombings

Walking through the North Strand area now you would never guess that in 1941 it was the scene of such horror and devastation. The memorial garden, with its granite stone bearing the names of the deceased, is the only indication of the tragedy that occurred there 80 years ago. When I started working in Charleville…

What am I doing on the Internet?!

At heart, I’m an old-school librarian and need to be surrounded by physical books to feel like myself. However, being old-school doesn’t mean I can’t learn some new tricks. I used to find technology quite intimidating and have only picked up the little I know through trial and error, or the kindness of colleagues. I…

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Insert image:  © Dublin City Council. Reproduced Courtesy of Dublin City Library and Archive. http://digital.libraries.dublincity.ie/vital/access/manager/Repository/vital:5668/IMAGE1